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Dr. Michele Ross has been educating patients & professionals about CBD, cannabis, kratom, psychedelics & other natural treatments for women’s health issues for over a decade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Ross holds a PhD in Neuroscience and cannot provide a medical marijuana (MMJ) card, or any other prescription medication for that matter. She is practicing as a functional medicine health coach & harm reduction specialist, not as your physician.

I’m so glad you’re interested in getting me in front of your audience! I do not do interviews that require me to type out 20 responses in which I’m practically writing your article for you, unless it is a feature article on me. 

I do, however, love audio/video interviews. If you have a podcast with at least 5,000 monthly plays/downloads, are in the field of women’s health or plant medicine, we’re likely a great match! Feel free to fill out the contact form with more info so we can chat.

If you’d like me to be a speaker or expert panelist for your virtual summit, please present me with 1 – 3 clear topic ideas and a budget through my contact form. I’m not available for unpaid pre-recorded presentations. I am, however, happy to do an interview (live or pre-recorded) if your summit is a good fit. Here is a link to my speaker media kit.

Dr. Ross only works as an affiliate partner for brands she 100% believes in and would use herself or with her clients. If you’d like to send your product to Dr. Ross to vet before accepting an affiliate partnership, please use the contact form.

If you’d like to hire Dr. Ross as an influencer for your brand, use the contact form. She does not do product trade for posts. Please be advised minimum budget is $1500.

We do not accept guest posts. If you are an aligned brand and wish to sponsor a post, please use the contact form.

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Official Bio - Dr. Michele Ross, PhD, MBA

Dr. Michele Ross is a neuroscientist with fibromyalgia who helps women heal chronic pain naturally with cannabis, mushrooms, kratom, and other botanicals. She has authored 5 books including Kratom is Medicine, Vitamin Weed and CBD Oil For Health. As the creator of numerous online courses including the first certification on Cannabis & Motherhood, she has educated thousands of patients, clinicians, and cannabis industry professionals around the world on plant medicine.

Dr. Michele Ross is a serial entrepreneur and as the CEO of Infused Partners, has created MushroomMD, Infused Health, Fibro University, and AURA Therapeutics, the first kratom brand for women. She has served on the medical advisory boards of many companies in the cannabis and wellness space including Ladykind and holds a PhD in Neuroscience as well as an Executive MBA.

Dr. Ross is known for breaking boundaries as the first scientist to star on a reality television series in the world, finishing 4th place on the hit CBS series Big Brother 11. She has been featured on the Today Show, The Doctors, Vice, and many other media outlets, and now lives in Las Vegas.